Introducing *Dr* Lyndsey Middleton!

IMG_2049I am pleased to report that as of late yesterday afternoon, I was notified that both of my PhD thesis examiners had approved my thesis corrections and I will formally be awarded my PhD in our July 2020 graduation. Although I technically should not call myself Dr until I am awarded my PhD at the graduation ceremony, this comes as a huge relief and the most welcome email after what I can only call a pretty awful afternoon. It also means that I have now also completed the SGSSS-SDS Collaborative PhD Programme which will be finalised once our Research Degrees Committee sign-off the decision of my examiners in May (and then the university can make my thesis public).

I now have several things that I am working on to bring a final end to my PhD and all related work. Firstly, I have updated all of my social media outlets to reflect my (nearly) new title. To me this is an important step as it involves removing my student status from most of my profiles and replacing it with my Assistant Statistician role (keeping the PhD as an educational qualification of course).

IMG_2048Secondly, I have plans in place with my PhD supervisors to write two journal articles for submission: one on the main innovation framework I developed as part of my PhD research and one on the influence of information literacy on innovative work behaviour development. I already have my first paper planned out and we are hoping that this can be submitted for journal review before I graduate as a final achievement before the very end (i.e. when I am formally awarded my PhD).

Thirdly, I have some unfinished work with Skills Development Scotland. I have drafted up a policy briefing paper but have figured that the main issue with writing this before the thesis is approved/made open access is that the SDS staff are unable to see the finished thing (the thesis, not the paper!). This means that some of the context to the policy paper is missing and questions have arose from my policy paper draft that have actually been answered in my thesis write up itself. As a consequence, we have decided to postpone the finalisation of the policy paper until SDS have time to read the relevant sections of my thesis once it is publicly available. Only then can we have a proper discussion of the work needed to bring the policy paper drafting to an end and formalise that very final draft.

In addition to this policy briefing paper, I have also provided Skills Development Scotland with a draft copy of my innovation framework. The reason for doing so this early was so that SDS colleagues can seek feedback from policy colleagues as to the applicability of the framework in their own work. I am unable to change the actual output of my PhD as this is the framework I have developed from my practical work, but SDS may very well wish to undertake some additional work to explore the use or implementation of my framework in practise as part of their own future developments.

After this, who knows what will happen to my PhD research and related research work…

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