The run up to PhD submission!

DRAFT3.jpgI last blogged on June 19th to say that I had 6 out of 9 thesis chapters drafted to my second draft. I have progressed a lot since then.

In the last few weeks I have managed to redraft all nine chapters which I am very pleased about. The next step of my plan was to submit my thesis to my supervisors by July 12th. I decided that I wanted a fully formatted draft submitted as this will make my editing (and life) easier once my feedback comes back from my Director of Studies. Part of the reason behind this was also so that my Direct of Studies could see how my thesis looks as one document and make any recommendations if something does not look quite right.

As of today (July 10th 2019), I have one fully formatted thesis and this has been submitted to my Director of Studies. This draft included formatted references, acknowledgements and appendices so that this can be assessed as a whole.

DRAFT2My next steps (after a brief trip home next week) will be to edit my thesis to the final draft. Only once this is done can I begin the final checks (e.g. reference checks, formatting etc.) and then send this to my proof readers. This will take longer than normal given that I am still working full time whilst wrapping up my thesis (and so do my proof readers too). However, I am still aiming to submit the monster of a document by end of August/beginning of September at the very latest.

I am now going to go and have a very long nap! Goodbye for now.

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