Come and study in the wonderful Centre for Social Informatics of Edinburgh Napier University!



The Centre for Social Informatics now have two PhD studentships advertised and we are looking for some fabulous candidates just like you!

It was nearly 4 years ago (back in early 2015) when Professor Hazel Hall, Director of CSI, advertised a studentship in workplace learning and innovation. The studentship was a collaborative studentship between The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science and Skills Development Scotland through their collaborative studentship partnership and we are currently advertising two new studentships in the same scheme.

I was the lucky person who was awarded a studentship back in 2015 and I have been part of the team ever since. I have been fortunate to study alongside a great (and very welcoming!) group of PhD students and academic staff. Each of us has our own research expertise and are always interested to hear about something new (especially if it is from new research).

The PhD studentships advertised below are part of the same great funding scheme as mine. As part of the studentship you will study on a research project that you enjoy (but that you also help to shape) and also have some wonderful opportunities to grow as a researcher. During the last 3.5 years of my study I have been able to do so many things and I am thankful for the opportunities that I have had – some PhD students on other funding schemes may not have these opportunities. For example I have travelled locally and internationally for conferences (Aberdeen, Zadar in Croatia, Krakow and also Vancouver late last year). I have also been able to collect data outside of Scotland, firstly in an NHS Trust in England and secondly in Finland during a trip in 2017. And of course, I must not forget the paid internship with the Scottish Government that I was able to complete last year.

As students we also have a lot of support available for the PhD study. This comes from the SGSSS itself, Skills Development Scotland (through the appointment of a staff member/sponsor for every student), our supervisors and also our peers. Our more experienced academics have a lot of faith in the abilities of their students (i.e. us), they encourage us to try for things we may feel impossible and they also support us greatly with the challenges of PhD study (for example the hours spent giving feedback on copious amounts of thesis chapter drafts, conference submissions and documents to make our writing perfect). I am very grateful to be part of such a supportive research group and you could be too.

In the Centre for Social Informatics we currently have two studentships advertised. Further details can be found below.


Career information literacy and decision-making behaviours of young people

The main aim of this doctoral study is to generate new knowledge on career development learning with reference to decision-making amongst young people in S2-S6 (aged 12-18) who are preparing for their lives beyond school education. As well as developing theoretical insight, the findings will contribute to the effective design and delivery of enhanced careers services that take into account the means by which these young people recognise, respond to, and make decisions about varied learning and career opportunities.

You can find out more about the studentship, including how to apply, here:


Work-based learning environments (WBLE) for fostering industry-relevant skills and optimal economic performance

The aim of the proposed studentship project is to develop new knowledge and practical methods for evaluating the impact of work-based learning (WBL) on industry performance. It addresses a need for outcome-based measures to assess long-term benefits of WBL. The research will survey the extent of current provision and impact of WBL in Scottish industry and analyse the attributes of WBL that contribute to improved productivity and performance.  A novel approach to measuring the impact of WBL on firm performance will be explored. Rather than take a purely skills perspective (i.e. mapping skills and outputs), the focus will be on measuring maturity of ‘expansive’ work-based learning environments (WBLE) that include educational providers and sectoral bodies and that demonstrate ‘Industry 4.0’ characteristics in their use of real-time data and context-sensitive information to create an optimal learning experience which leads to increased productivity.

You can find out more about the studentship, including how to apply, here:

Please do take a look at these great opportunities. I did back in 2015 and have not looked back!

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