ASIS&T 2018 here I come!

asist-logo-new-long-e1526335476938In 36 hours I will be on my way to attend the Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology 2018 (ASIST 2018) conference.  This year the conference is held in Vancouver, Canada so my journey will be quite long. However, I am looking forward to my trip as it will be my last conference visit as a doctoral student (and the programme looks great)!

On Tuesday 13th November (around 6.30pm UK time, 10.30am in Vancouver) I will be presenting my paper. I am quite nervous for this as it is the first paper where I may get grilled with lots and lots of questions from the audience afterwards (and some of the audience members may be those mentioned in my paper!).

My paper (co-authored with Professor Hazel Hall, Dr Laura Muir and Professor Robert Raeside) entitled: The interaction between people, information and innovation: information literacy to underpin innovative work behaviour in a Finnish organisation is concerned with the role of information literacy in the learning of innovative work behaviour in the workplace. It draws upon the findings from analysis of interviews carried out with employees of a Finnish organisation. This forms part of my Finnish case study, one of three case studies in my doctoral work.

The abstract for the paper is detailed below:

Workplace learning and employee-led innovation are related. For example, mistakes made when learning may spur innovation. Investigated in this paper is the role of information literacy in the learning of innovative work behaviour in the workplace, and the associated information behaviours that allow for innovative work behaviour to develop. Thus interactions between people, information and innovation are a main focus. The findings derive from analysis of data generated in twelve semi-structured interviews conducted within a Finnish organisation. Employee perceptions on the role of information in the workplace, and its role in supporting the learning of innovative work behaviour, are explored. The analysis reveals that: (1) information literacy skills serve as a prerequisite for workplace learning; (2) information behaviours support the learning of innovative work behaviour and; (3) a variety of information sources support employees as they learn to behave innovatively.

With permission from ASIS&T, you can find a copy of my paper here. My presentation slides can also be found here.

2As the paper was written from the data I collected from my trip to Finland, the data collection and resulting paper would not have been possible without the funding from my ESRC-SDS collaborative studentship and also a John Campbell Trust Student Research Bursary that I was awarded in 2017. Thanks also go to Professor Brian Detlor who provided support during the writing/editing of the paper. My final thanks go to my supervisors who sat patiently as I wrote the drafts, checked (several) copies, suggested edits and had the patience of a saint when doing some final edits of the paper and correcting my northern grammar that often appears in my writing!

I will also have the opportunity to paticipate in the ASIS&T doctoral workshop on Sunday November 11th. I have the privilege of being mentored by Professor Caroline Haythornwaite so I am looking forward to hear the knowledge, expertise and advice that she can share!


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