The final conference season of the PhD… possibly.

So whilst I have been interning, a lot has happened in relation to my PhD. I have had paper and poster acceptances, journal article publications and other news too. So I decided to blog about these in smaller stages as I go so that I could share the news as it happens, and this blog post is the turn of my conference presentations.

Acceptance of my paper to ASIS&T 2018!

You may recall that I submitted a full paper to the Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology 2018 (ASIST 2018). The conference takes place in Vancouver, Canada, between November 10th and 14th 2018 so I was keen to have a submission to this as I have never been to this conference before.

I was pleased to receive an email mid-May to say that my paper has been accepted (yey!) but some revisions are required to be submitted. This is completely normal for a conference paper but it does mean that I will be working on this paper whilst working on my internship so my time will be tight unit it is submitted.

My paper, co-authored with my supervisors (Hazel Hall, Robert Raeside and Laura Muir) is written from the findings of my Finnish case study in relation to how information is used in the development of innovative work behaviour. It is entitled ‘The role of information literacy in learning innovative work behaviour: a case study of a Finnish organisation’. The paper discusses the findings of a series of interviews collected in Finland and is concerned with the role of in information literacy in the learning of innovative work behaviour and associated information behaviours for innovative work behaviour to develop. Three main findings (themes that emerged from the data) are discussed: (1) the need for the development of information literacy as a prerequisite for workplace learning; (2) the use of information in multiple ways to support the learning of innovative behaviour; and (3) the deployment of different information sources in learning how to behave in an innovative manner.

I am very pleased with the acceptance of this paper as a lot of work on it was put in. I am especially thankful to my supervisors who spent the time to help me with this, before, during (lots of help during the writing of this paper) and after the submission, and also many thanks to Professor Brian Detlor who gave support in paper development too. This paper would have also not been written had I not been awarded a bursary from the John Campbell Trust to visit Finland so I am very thankful for this opportunity too.

Acceptance of my poster to ISIC 2018!

Just before starting my internship I also submitted a poster to Information Seeking in Context (ISIC) due to be held in Krakow in October 2018. I am pleased to say that my poster was accepted and I will be travelling to Krakow in October to discuss my work.

My poster co-authored with my supervisors (Hazel Hall, Robert Raeside and Laura Muir) discusses the results of my Scottish University case study. The poster is entitled: ‘How do we use information to help us learn to innovate in the workplace? A case study of a Scottish University?’ and was accepted on the basis of an abstract and document that outlined the content of the poster. My case study comprised 33 interviews and 8 focus groups and analyses highlighted some key themes that will be discussed further as part of the poster presentation: (1) information literacy contributes to the initiation of workplace learning; (2) information sources (primarily external information, internal databases and people) are important to workplace learning; and (3) ease of access to information, as well as information sharing, facilitate the learning of innovative work behaviours in the workplace.

I am pleased that my submissions were so successful and I am very much looking forward to travelling to Krakow in October and Vancouver in November as the (possible) final conference season of my PhD. My doctoral workshop submissions for each conference are still in the decision phases… watch this space!

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