Finland here I come!!!

IMG_4391This time next week I will all packed and ready for my trip to Turku, Finland. For those of you who do not know, my trip was made possible by winning a Student Research Bursary and I did blog about this here. It has also been made possible due to the wonderful people in the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University who agreed to part-fund the trip too. It was also possible because my Director of Studies had faith in me and encouraged me to apply for the funding which I won.

My trip to Finland has two purposes – firstly to help me collect some PhD data in a Finnish organisation and secondly so I can visit Åbo Akademi University to both share my own research and hear about work similar to mine.

As the identity of my case study organisations are confidential, I can’t really say much about who I am interviewing and where they are from – all I can say is that they are members of an organisation in Finland. I know this does not help the curiosity of some people who really want to know what I am doing, but in the case of my PhD integrity and ethics, this is just tough luck! 😉 I can say, however, that my panning is going well. We have some interviews lined up already and I’m hoping to have more scheduled in before I leave Edinburgh next week. I’m hoping I can come back to Edinburgh with some nice European data to analyse and lots to talk about after my trip.

My host whilst I am in Finland will be Professor Gunilla Widén. I’m very thankful to Gunilla for her help with the practical side of things and for her constant communication before my visit. It makes me feel very welcome even before I have arrived on campus. It is nice to know I will have an academic base whilst I am collecting data and getting on with work but it is also nice to know I can get to know more about the work of Gunilla’s research team as the research themes link quite closely with mine.

TurkuI have been frequently informed that Finland will be cold. As I type this blog post I am searching the BBC weather app which has lovingly told me that it is only going to get even colder for my visit (many minus numbers indeed). Fortunately, I have lots of layers of clothing, thick coats, hats, scarves and gloves to keep me warm as I bought much of these for Scotland and have not needed to use most of them since!

I’m sure I will return to Edinburgh with lots of stories to tell and lots of information to share. But for now, I have data analysis to get on with and a presentation to run through so I will just have to blog about my trip when I return.


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