85 days later…

case studyIt was nearly 100 days ago that I spoke to a contact about the possibility of having an organisation as my case study 2 (as to not give away the identity of the case study, I will not name them in this post). This was good news given that all of my other efforts had led to nothing and I had thought that my attempts had failed.

As part of this case study, my research needs approving by the organisation so that they know what I am going to do and what the implications of this study are (all organisations would need to know this). The approval takes a while to get given the amount of forms and supporting documents needing to be filled in, but we got there in the end.

It was also quite a difficult task given how remote (distance wise) I am from my case study 2, but we have managed in a fashion – communicating by phone, skype and email as much as we have needed to.

However, I can confirm that as of 4.30pm today, the application and all accompanying documents and signatures are submitted and will be reviewed by the appropriate people / boards before I get some sort of response.

Thank you to the people involved in this process, but whom I shall not name as this could breach the confidentiality of my case study 2! Also thank you to my supervisor who has put up with me for the last 85 days whilst going through this process!

This is a milestone in my PhD journey as this now means I may have three case studies in my PhD and not just two (approval pending of course)!


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