Let’s keep writing for project PhD!

methods booksIt has been quite a while since I have blogged mainly as I have been very busy over the summer and following month. You may recall from a previous post that I was looking for a second case study. Well, I found one! This case study was quite unexpected, firstly because I had not contacted this organisation before and secondly because it initially started with a social media introduction (and we all know how they usually end!).

My second case study does require a lot of paperwork to be done as my research needs to be approved by this organisation too, just like my other case study too. This is not uncommon in many cases as organisations like to know that the researcher (ie, me) will be able conduct their research in reasonable time, collect appropriate data and make sure nothing bad will come of the research. So I have spent most of my summer doing this. I have prepared review documents and other supporting documents. I have written about my research objectives, methods, justified methods and also considered implications of my research. I have pretty much written a research methods chapter in letterone but this has not been for the purpose of my chapter, just preparation for my research review. This has been a lengthy process but it is finally coming to an end. I have been able to get stage 1 of this process all sorted and stage 2 is being checked over for me to submit. Once this part is done, all I can do is wait. I need to wait to see if my research is deemed as suitable for the organisation and deemed suitable to go ahead. If all goes well, I can then start advertising my study in the hope participates get in touch to help me out.

article-writing.jpgApart from this very lengthy process, I have also been doing other things. All of these things have revolved around writing and revolved around editing too. Firstly, I have now copy edited two articles for Information Research. This means I have been able to see research in its very pre-publication stages and research which is ready to go. I have been able to take in a lot of information and learning from this process.

I have also been writing and editing my own journal article to submit along with my supervisors. You may remember that I presented a paper at a conference in June, well this is the paper being written. I have been able to draft it out and then send it to be edited (quite a lot – it needed it to be fair!) by my director of studies who managed to make it look fab. It has also been reviewed by my second supervisor too who was able to tell us what we had missed. It is good to get the opinions of my second supervisor as his expertise are not in the literature domain of the article we had drafted so he was able to spot some vital things that we had missed. As the deadline is the back end of this week, we are hoping this is done and sent off by then so we can have our very first journal article submitted (fingers crossed!).

IMG_4159As well as paperwork and journal writing, I have been trying to get some of my methods chapter written too. It’s really important that I get this done soon so that I can have a solid base for my work. I did do some form of methods writing for my RD5 review last August. This, however, this was just the start and now the work needs to step up and ‘beef up’ (ie, add more information so it looks like a good PhD chapter). I have had to draft out my chapter headings and then fill the gaps, something I do not find east to do. This has required a lot more reading than I had thought, and a lot more planning than I had anticipated but I am progressing fairly well on this. It has taken a while to find some decent materials (books, journals) for this chapter, but I have managed to get my hands on some books that are giving me the information I need… and then a lot more books to supplement this. So my life from now – until my case study 2 is approved –  will be writing of the methods chapter of my PhD. I do have my own deadline to work to and I do have other things I need to do…

Next on the list… qualitative data analysis! 🙂

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