Summer tasks!

case_studySo this summer I have a lot of things to keep me going…

I had originally planned to have all data collected for case study 1 by now but this did not happen due to several delays. However, as of 10am today I can confirm that all of my data for case study 1 is collected and the remainder of this will be sent for transcription soon.

You may also remember that last in my last blog post, I explained about issues I was having with getting agreement from organisations and services as to whether they would like to take part in my case study. This has now (hopefully!) changed.

journal writing
Weekend journal writing

Apart from case study 1, I am in the process of going through an ethical procedure for case study 2 (who have agreed to be a case study organisation / service for my PhD) and I am also in contact with another company in the UK to see if we can come up with an agreement for participating in my study as case study 3. This is not set in stone yet and we are in the process of setting up a meeting to discuss this but things do look positive right now. I am also in the process of making travel arrangements to be able to carry out a case study in Finland. Whether this case study will be enough to go into the final thesis is another question but it will be a good experience for me to be able to sample an organisation in Finland and be able to make comparisons between UK and European organisations in the way they work.

RM writing
Research methods chapter prep

So data collection and arrangements are definitely in progress over the summer period.

Whilst doing that, I also have my methods chapter to write and a journal article to edit for the Journal of Librarianship and Information Science. I am hoping my supervisor and I can submit this for the journal by September as it is the off-shot (or product) of the presentation I did whilst in Aberdeen a couple of months ago.

This means I have a lot to keep me busy over the summer… as well as making sure I take a little week off of course in the middle!


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