Conference season ahead!

conf SGSSSSo next week marks the beginning of conference season for me. I know we present at conferences all year round, but June is particularly hectic as I will be presenting both locally and internationally.

Presentation (1): Factors influencing innovation across Europe: Analysis of the Community Innovation Survey

Firstly, I will be presenting a poster at the Edinburgh Napier University research conference. This poster explains results from my secondary data analysis that I completed as part of the initial stages of my PhD. AS part of my poster, I have explained the methods and results so that the audience can see what factors influence innovation on the national level.

Presentation (2): Enhancing the capacity for workplace learning and innovation in Scotland

Less than a week after the university conference, I will be then attending a doctoral colloquium called iDocQ and you may recall that I helped organise this last year. As part of the 2017 colloquium, students are asked to present a ‘one minute madness’ presentation. I am not preparing this in full in advance so that it is spontaneous, but I have had to prepare a slide so that the audience know who I am and what my research is about.conf 2

Presentation (3): The application of Social Cognitive Theory in Information Science research on workplace learning and innovative work behaviour

This year, iDocQ is part of a larger conference – information: interactions and impact (i3). The conference delegates will witness me present my first fully fledged academic talk. This presentation was accepted as a full paper so I will be talking for 30-40 minutes on my theoretical framework. My presentation will focus on the application of my theoretical framework to both information science and my own doctoral study, something quite rare in information science (as you will see form my talk). You can find the abstract for my talk here so that you can take a look and see what I will be talking about. I am in the process of putting the final edits to my presentation slides and when these are complete, they will be made available by my SlideShare account.

I will report back at a later date as to how each of the presentations went!

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